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Should internet porn be banned

By now, you must have heard of the recent proposal in the UK calling for filtering of pornography on the internet. However, this proposal has sparked interesting discussion among those who are against it and those who support pornography. We all must have seen how internet pornography have impacted our community both positive and negative but the question still remains should internet porn be banned?

Due to the international nature of the internet, internet porn has thrived and has raised some issues that are related to the law. First off, despite all the calls to filter internet pornography, you will agree that it has contributed massively to some of the world’s leading porn producing countries’ economy. By being a global business and legal in other countries, this issue needs to be viewed in a global context. Meaning it does not only need UK’s solution but a global solution since it is something that affects the society in equal measures.

An attempt by the European parliament in 2013 did not go on well with many people. In fact, it divided the country into two- those who are supporting the proposal and those who are not for the proposal. However, there are some good reasons to care about internet pornography. Part of the problem is that it has evolved over the years, thus portraying some scenes that are not prudent, not to mention rape scenes, abuse of beautiful escorts in london and revenge porn all these in the name of freedom.

Leaders all over the world have developed a keen interest in protecting children against internet pornography but little has been achieved. Internet porn has made people develop a sex deprived mentality that has generated the highest number of sexual crimes as witnessed recently all over the world. However, the opponents of this proposal say that pornography has been there and will always be there, it’s only the names and scenes that are changing. Therefore, we should allow adults to enjoy pornography and the abuse of london escorts, girls, and women without the government being on their case. As you can imagine many London escorts and escorts over the world were not impressed with this statement.

London escorts asks, if internet Porn is not the major problem how do you explain of men who think child porn will satisfy their sexual needs. Are the pictures depicted in pornography driving the crime scene? That being a discussion for another day the question remains, should we be moving towards banning internet porn for the benefit of the society. Such questions need a critical approach, however; exposure to internet extreme porn is demeaning and uncalled for. I mean the pornographic market is sinking lower and lower, from an introduction of a pornographic app to launching of a revenge porn site where London escorts are humiliated and required to pay heavily to get their images removed from the sites.

Since a straightforward ban on internet porn may be unenforceable, much to the disappointment of London escorts, the truth remains that radically tightening the law on internet porn will work. The problem is that the existing legislation does not cover internet porn in a holistic manner. Internet porn has glorified the abuse of women and young girls, especially escorts in London, therefore the move should be welcomed by any person who cares about the wellbeing of our women.

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