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Finchley escorts on changing your body

Do gents prefer natural bodies, or bodies that have been altered by plastic surgery? Many times a lot of gents say that they don’t like women who have been altered too much, says Mandy from Finchley escorts. Plastic surgery is now almost freely available everywhere and it is cheaper and easier to have done. The question is, does it make us look more beautiful? I have been speaking to quite a few gents, says Mandy and a lot of them don’t like surgery at all. They say it is easy to pick up on things like lip implants and breast implants – all of these things do not make a woman necessary look more attractive.

So, what should you do? I would only consider having anything done if I had an accident or got too many wrinkles, says Mandy from Finchley escorts. It is all to easy to start a plastic surgery procedure these days. You just pop into a clinic and make an appointment with a consultant. Before you know it, he or she is suggesting you have this and that done. All of these people are sales people, says Mandy, and within hours you can be signed up for surgery with a finance plan. It is actually kind of scary.

I am now really anti plastic surgery, says Mandy. One of my colleagues here at Finchley escorts visited a clinic in London for a minor procedure. As a matter of fact, she just wanted some moles removed. The lady who did the consulting was really good at signed her for a boob job, some type of mini face lift and even a thigh resculpt. It was incredible but to me it was obvious it was a sale not a need. My friend now looks really different and some of us think that she looks a bit artificial. It does not look that nice and her face looks funny. After all, she is only 23 years old so why should she need a mini face lift?

It is scary stuff, says Mandy, and how many ladies does this happen to on a daily basis? I do wonder if the code to which these people work is really ethical. Some of my friends here at Finchley escorts would like so minor things done, but they are worried about going in case they get talked into other things as well. It is not easy when you are sitting in front of adviser who is really just a sales person. Some of these people must earn a fortune in commission from there jobs.

Plastic surgery is a big sale, Many from Finchley escorts is completely right about that. The staff at the clinics are not trained in anything else but recognizing people who might be easy targets for plastic surgery. Surgery is a big risk at all times and we should be careful. If the surgery involves “going under” I would certainly think twice. Look in the mirror next time you pass, smile and discover that you are beautiful just the way you are.