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The benefits of a great Libido



Whether sex is important or not in a relationship is a topic that has been in existence since time immemorial. Different people have experienced different outcomes from sex and the mixed reaction this subject is getting is simply justifiable. Most individuals, especially ladies, have vowed to never go intimate again or at least until marriage, because the last time they did it, they woke up single. Yes, it’s possible for a relationship to take a surprise downturn after sex, which is a very sad reality, but then again the thousands of benefits you could rip from it cannot be overlooked. Actually the disadvantages are completely outweighed by the benefits and below are reasons to support the stand.

Sex Connects You

Just the fact that you see each other naked is enough a reason to tag sex a uniting factor. Love does not always come first, sometimes sex does. Once you find your groove in the bedroom, it is possible to start feeling that chemistry rising and that could be the beginning of a long love journey.


Studies have revealed that people who engage in regular sex have better response to stress than those who don’t. How could you opt for sleeping pills when such a perfect approach exists? Honestly, this should be a respite to many. Just an hour’s session in between the sheets and the memories of a bad day are gone? Talk to your partner about this.

Live Longer

Help your partner live longer! Question: How? Answer: Let him/her in every time he/she knocks. Researches have it that sex every 24 hours not only lets you enjoy your rights to the fullest but also keeps the levels of estrogen, testosterone and oxytocin flowing consistently. There are two things here: Expose yourself to prostate cancer and osteoporosis, or have sex. I choose life!

It is a Form of Exercise

You don’t just lie next to each other and let sex happen. No, you make it happen, and while you do this, you burn 150 calories per hour. So, how many calories do you need burnt? Divide that by 150.

Glowing Skin

A smooth, healthy skin is not just a result of antioxidants in your diet. Sex is an alternative and only you know which one of the two is cheaper and more available. Experts say that the more you have sex, the healthier your skin gets. Make sex a routine and your phobia for mirrors could be as good as gone.

Raises your Libido

The more you have sex, the more you want to have sex! The more you want to have sex, the more you have sex. Enjoy any of the above sex benefits by ensuring you are always in the urge to have it.

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