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Important Things To Know About A Predicate Sex Offender

Important Things To Know About A Predicate Sex Offender

Sex offenders are usually classified according to their risk of re-offense. The classification system is divided into three main categories, namely risk level 1, 2 and 3. The court considers persons under level 1 as low risk, level 2 as moderate risk, and level 3 as high risk. Sexual offenses have been a major problem in the United States. For that reason, the law requires that persons who have been convicted of sexual crimes be punished and registered for at least 20 years as sexual offenders. During that period, the offenders will be visible to the public through government offices or websites.

This makes it easier for members of the public to protect themselves from such individuals in the future. It also makes it possible for members of the public to confirm if a certain suspected sex offender has been previously charged for this type of crime. Apart from the risk level, the court also has the right to determine whether a particular sex offender should be considered a sexual predator, sexually violent offender, or a predicate sex offender. These three types of sexual predators are further divided into three categories. These include pedophiles, preferential child sexual abusers, and situational child sexual abusers.

Pedophiles are sex offenders who are interested in children. This does not necessarily mean that they are criminals because they are not involved in sexual activities with children. They usually get into trouble with the authorities when they start purchasing child pornography materials for viewing or participate in any other activity that can lead to sexual abuse in children. When they fail to control this habit and start acting on their impulses, they become preferential child sexual abusers. Preferential abusers, formerly known as pedophiles, target children only in their pre-pubescent stage. Most of them are men who lure young children through a technique known as grooming, which is the provision of parental attention and affection to make the youngsters feel loved and appreciated before abusing them. Situational sexual abusers, on the other hand, are good at taking advantage of different opportunities to sexually abuse children. Unlike preferential abusers, situational ones have sex with adults and take advantage of kids when the opportunity presents itself. They may have sex with minors when their parents are not around, when they are drunk or any other reason. For more detail please visit at

Predicate offenders and other types of sex offenders may be punished if they fail to register for such crimes. The punishment may also increase if they provide false information or fail to notify authorities when they change their addresses, schools or workplace. The violation of such requirements can lead to a jail term of up to 5 years in the state prison or at least 2 years in a house of correction, depending on the policies of the state.