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Gorgeous Slough Escorts

Isn’t it funny how some towns in the UK get a reputation for good quality escort services? Slough escorts are getting a really good names amongst serial daters, and many gents are now recommending Slough escorts agencies. At the moment only three agencies operate in Slough but there are many independent Slough escorts.

The question is should you arrange dates with independent Slough escorts or should you use a Slough escorts agency? There are many pros and cons for both, and the jury is really out on this matter. In central London you will not find a lot of independent escorts but in many other areas of the UK you will find a lot of independent escorts.

The Better Sex guide decided to ask Alan who has dated a lot of escorts what the pros and cons are of different escort services.


Agencies are good but sometimes they control the hourly rates in an area. If, you look at central London per hour escorts prices, you will find that they are very much the same. The prices in central London are indeed controlled by the agencies, and this have made them sky high. A lot of people can’t afford to date in central London anymore, and this seems a real shame to me.

The advantage of an agency is that you can get a lot of advice, and they will let you know which is the best girl to date. You will not have to go through the hassle of finding the right girl. All you do is to call the agency and say that you are looking for a brunette or blonde. You can also specify things like petite, plus size, long legs and much more. When you date independently, you will have to do a lot of the hard work yourself and that can take a long time.


I quite like independents escorts as you meet a lot of new interesting talent that way. Many independent escorts work very hard and they tend to be much more interesting than agency girls. A lot of agency girls are very uniformed, and seem to act in exactly the same sort of way. I have not dated independent escorts for a while as I have some favorite girls. However, this topic has reminded my that dating independent escorts can be great fun, and I will try to do so in the near future.

Services with independent escorts tend to be a lot cheaper as well, and that means that you can date more often. If, you are new to dating, independent escorts is a good way to start and you will enjoy it. You are not spending a fortune and you are sort of easing yourself into a new lifestyle. I started out by dating independent girls, and I loved it.

Whether you date agency or independent ladies, you are bound to meet many lovely escorts who will enjoy meeting you as well. You will find ladies from all over the world working as escorts in the UK, and this is what makes dating escorts so special.

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